SCP_0994bwScandalesque is a show consisting of live music, dance theater, comedy and circus arts. Known for stressing technique as well as artistry; producing various styles of shows from Burlesque to Rock Opera. The show has developed into a sensual arena celebrating the human body, all genders, as well as sexuality and various cultures of life. Founded in Phoenix Arizona in November of 2004 by Julianna Curtis (Lady Fontayne) and Christy Zandlo (Pyrrha); two local professional dancers and choreographers well known for their craft. Realizing the need to cultivate performing arts in Phoenix and generate more opportunities for local artists, “Pyrrha” and “Fontayne” co-founded Scandalesque Productions LLC and Vega Arts.

Founded: November 2004

Founders: Julianna Curtis and Christy Zandlo